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A Whole New Lease On Life….

Oh my.  It’s been so long since I blogged last from a personal standpoint, and yet not long at all.  No, really–where in the hell did the last three weeks go?

It’s sort of funny that I began the “Ignite!” program at Keller-Williams just nearly five weeks ago, when in reality, if you think about it, it’s been nearly 10% of my entire year that I’ve been doing this.

I have to tell you one thing about this program:  If you had any doubt about my abilities as a Realtor because I’m “new,” those doubts are effectively erased–and here’s why.

I just spent over four weeks in a class that has been taught by no less than the top 20% of agents in the office.  I’m serious–literally the best of the bet in our office (you’re talking $20 MILLION producers) have been teaching us the class, giving their tips, and establishing their ethos.  I have so many hard-won lessons under my cape right now that it’s hard to imagine what would’ve happened had I not learned these things.  The fact is, I’ve spent ten percent of my year being trained by the best of the best, and I cannot wait to put my professionalism, my wits, and myself to work for you.  Not only that, we had a competition in class that forced us to meet a handful of different metrics–to “ignite” our business–and my team won it.  I (and the three others on my team) could not be more serious about doing this.  None of us are doing this part time–every one of us has an actual business in our sights.  I know I do.

It actually kind of cracks me up, because I thought I was so done with customer service jobs for all this time–come to find out, I’m actually at my best when I’m in that environment.  I’m literally into people.  I love learning what makes them tick, I have a genuine interest in their stories, and I’ve spent a very considerable amount of time honing my communication skills.  Of course, that doesn’t make me good, but it does make me dedicated.

I finish this program up in three days, and I’m pumped about finally being unleashed and able to absolutely CRUSH what they’ve taught us.  I embody this as much as possible.  Also, you will not find a more committed person to professionalism and consideration than me.  If you know anyone buying or selling who could use my help, I know exactly what needs to happen to find you a home, or sell your property within 45 days.

I’ll make a complicated process as simple as possible for you.  Don’t be shy, call me up!






Our LinkedIn group met once again, and I came in prepared with a vengeance! I definitely learned my lesson from last time– I felt great, looked like the man I wanted to put forth as a first impression, was prepared to jot notes and tips and give out business cards, and it was a great meeting overall.  I’m the “newbie” at the table, since I’m not running a business of my own yet, but there’s a woman I met named Sherri who has been wonderfully helpful in pointing me in the right direction.  Last night (with Alli’s help, of course) I chose a logo and picked a name for my corporation.  It sounds hollow saying the name of my brand, partly because it’s like a new style of clothes the first time you try them on (does this fit well?  Is it something I feel comfortable in? What will people think?), and partly because I know that I’m the only employee, and calling myself the “Owner” or “CEO” of Jeffro Enterprises seems deceitful, since I’m not running a business (yet) outside of the title.  Even the name feels foreign for some reason or another.  I wonder if Donald Trump felt this way when he created The Trump Organization and was the only employee in it back in the ’70s.  I suppose it’ll grow on me with repetition, the longer I have the name, and the more I use it.

The more I am able to hang around these business-owner types, the more I’m becoming able to develop an eye for niches that need filling in the market.  It’s so fascinating!  It’s like the first time you were able to make your eyes see those Magic Eye puzzles–once you know the trick, you can see the pictures just jump right out at you off a flat surface!

In any case, I am growing more and more excited about my path, as I meet more and more people.  I am hoping that it won’t be long now before I can cultivate an idea far enough into action to make it a reality.  I really feel like I’m just getting started.

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