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Fantastic Speech On Your Body Language–Worth A Watch!


Think You’re Manly Enough?

I think we can all agree that manliness is demonstrated by several rules…of course it is manly to look after your fitness, your family and friends, and your wardrobe and hygeine habits. But what is the core of manliness?  Do you embody it?

Seems to me that real manliness comes simply from having a spine.  “Stuck in the friend zone” is no place for a man.  Neither is crying while being made fun of. 

State your intentions. 


Look people in the eye. 

Do what you say you will do. 

Do not do what you say you won’t.

Have a firm handshake.  If you’re limp in the hands, you’re likely limp everywhere else.

Many of the rules are somewhat flexible, but the above are non-negotiable.  In a past post or two, I’ve often wondered what my legacy will be, and how I can set about achieving it. One thing I’ve known all along is that I need to continually work  on myself so that when I’m gone, those who remember me will envision boldness, strength, integrity, and (hopefully) happiness and optimism too. 

Truthfully, I could have probably stopped at, “I need to continually work on myself.”     

Everyone does.  Everyone should. 

Look inward, find your weaknesses.  Do things that force you to confront them and make them stronger. 

I believe it is these things that separate the men from the boys.  If you agree or disagree, tell me why.  What else?  What did I miss?  How do you judge another man?  How do you judge yourself? 

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