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I’ve been away from this blog for quite some time now…nine months just flew by in the blink of an eye, it seems.  If you want the God’s honest truth, I quit writing because I didn’t have anything important to say.  I figured nobody cared if I wrote or not anyway, and no one would notice if I quietly slipped out the back door.  I kept up my journals, but felt like whatever I could put out in the blogosphere would be either overdramatic or not dramatic enough.  There were days when I stared at a blank screen for nearly half an hour before finding a topic I wanted to pontificate on, then spent a further hour or so developing it, only to figure it sucked and didn’t contribute meaningfully to society and delete the whole thing anyway.

I generally try to avoid generic platitudes in conversation with people — for example, instead of the gentle nudge of telling my students “the early bird gets the worm,” I’d probably say something like, “Get your ass out of bed and get to class on time.  Do you want to succeed at this or not?”  I do not tend to do things in an innocuous fashion, I tend to do things in a straight-forward, purposeful, matter-of-fact way.  When I do or say something, I generally expect one of  given set of outcomes immediately to happen.  Most of the time, I’m right.  So when I quit writing, I expected no one to notice — or even to care, if they did.

I was right.  Until I wasn’t.

One of my longest-running and closest friends, TheHandsomeWeasel, noticed I hadn’t written first, and was ardently opposed to my absence of blog content.  With him in Chicago and me just outside Washington, DC, we do not have easy access to each other in person.  Haven’t for over ten years, actually.  So electronic communications are important to us.  I expected it from him.

I hadn’t expected it from Moosh, my friend over at Sell, Lead, Succeed.  This guy is someone who I have literally never met, and who has so much going on (in Canada) that I’d never expect him to notice I was absent (here in DC).   And one day he sent me an email asking how I was doing, noting that he hadn’t seen a blog post from me for a while.  Then a networking contact of mine (who follows my blog and I didn’t know it) asked me just recently where my blogs went to, after our paths not crossing even once in the past six months.  Then another friend mentioned it in passing at a get-together that it’s been a while since he’d seen a post from me.

The point is that people do care what you are up to, and will notice that you are going through something, no matter how tight-lipped you might be about it.  People will notice, even if they don’t notice right away.  And then, in the most innocuous way possible, you’ll see one day that the community you have surrounded yourself with will let you know they are there, carefully keeping a watchful eye over you, whether you know it or not.

  1. Yes, people do notice. You are a very good writer. Maybe I should have encourages you to switch majors when you were thinking of it. Lol. I love you. xoxo

  2. Welcome back and thank you!

  3. It’s good to see another post from you after such a long hiatus! You’ve got a lot to say and a nice way of saying it. Here’s to hoping this is the beginning of a long, constructive blogging Renaissance for you!

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