Relics? No Way…

I was watching music videos on YouTube (which I’m prone to do on days when I have the time), and I came across this old gem. There’s so much music out there in the past couple of decades that guys like Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Prince, and Tom Petty have nearly been lost to history on most radio stations. It’s a tragedy, really.

Anyway, I was listening intently to the sheer enormity of the first bar’s drum intro (at 2:18 or so on the video), and had forgotten how the clarity of Clapton’s guitar intro just moves me in a way I don’t get from the majority of the music I’ve heard before. And oh lord, his guitar in the second verse…the note at 4:20, the E bent-up to the F…that one, single note just cries like it’s pleading its guts out for something.

One thing I really enjoy about Phil Collins’ music in particular is that he has a composition style in which he likes to keep the drum part so simple that it lets the of the song really emote its purpose. And it’s cool to know that yes, that is his real voice — none of this overdubbed-third and -fifth crap that you hear in every song on the radio today.

Take a listen to his other hits. You’d do well to hear the live version of “No Son Of Mine” that he did at the Billboards in ’91. There’s an authenticity there that just isn’t there anymore in radio today.

Comment if you agree!

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