Ever spend an hour crafting a blog post — writing here, editing there, inserting pictures in juuuuust the right spot — only to re-read your final product and go, “Man…this post sucks” and chuck the entire thing? frustration

Well, it just happened to me for the umpteen-hundredth time. I wonder how many times that happens and nobody knows it. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if Hemingway, or Nabakov, or Melville just reached a certain point and said, “Ugh…eff this, I’m going out and getting bombed.” Oh, the HUMANITY! Think of all that would be lost! And more importantly, think of all the electronic gold I’ve just thrown out that you’ll never get to read! It’s too bad, you’ll never know what was floating in my head and at my fingertips for the past 90 minutes, the past ten or twelve days…oh how can you go on with life???

Heh…don’t worry, I’m not deluded enough to think I write on the level of Ginsburg or Ms. Angelou…but it’s frustrating, just the same. Oh well, have a great weekend.

Shakespeare, out.

  1. Sorry I missed the post, buddy! I wish I could have read it.

    This one reminds me of a story I heard about Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors. He wrote a lot of poetry as well as songs. One night, high on drugs and/or drink, he built a bonfire and burned a bunch of his notebooks. Just think of the hit songs that were never heard because he did that…

  2. just keep writing man!

    • Will do…I’d go nuts if I couldn’t, I think šŸ™‚

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