ImageI’m not really a fan of spewing hate and vitriol through blog posts, mostly because it’s out there, forever, long after I’ve gone through the 5 Stages Of Grief about whatever it is I’m angry about. 

But today, I wanted to express an annoyance that has been building over at least the last six or seven years.  If I knew how to write code, I’d write an app which uses one, single username and password for every blasted website I need to access.  Okay, maybe two.  Hell, you know what?  I’d be okay with as many as five different combos (accounting for sites that require a password rotation every 3 or 6 months or something).   

Instead, over the course of the last decade, I have enough username/password combos to fill no fewer than 30 lines in an Excel spreadsheet — and yes, that accounts for what was left after I went through and got rid of the combos to sites I don’t need or never use anymore. 

The best part is that, while you are trying to figure out one of the one hundred possible combinations of usernames and passwords from the common ones you use (and after typing in your full email address twenty timesbecause it blanks the screen each time you fail), before you finally do figure out the combo to the lock, some sites will lock you out of your own account.  Then, finally (later on, if I was out) I’ll get to my stupid Excel database of combos, punch the correct one in, and have to “call customer service” or wait a full day or two to get it to let me in. 

Seriously, why is there no better way to do this?  It’s 2013, for God’s sake!   

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