Hey all! I hope that you are plenty-well-stocked for today’s impending blizzard (if you are in the DC area, that is). I stopped off today and picked up a few essentials…it’s not even 2 am, and I’m glad I did! (Of course, if you’re from Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri or Chicago, IL (where most of my folks are), you’re more annoyed that flights were cancelled and stretches of highway are closed than you are scared of a little snow. Geesh…a little snow on the ground, and everyone starts driving like it’s their first day driving again!

Don’t Hate! And don’t let the chumps in our industry give you the wrong impression of me, either!

Listen, I just wanted to make you aware of a new blog I’ve started called Dream Big. The main intention of the blog is to keep you as informed about real estate as possible, and it will be particularly helpful if you live in the DC Metro area. Even if you don’t, however, I hope you’ll find the content to be informative, personal, and above all, helpful. You’ll also get a first-hand glimpse into the evolution of my business within real estate…after all, it’s a challenging, competitive profession, and I’m convinced I’ve found my niche in life.

The new blog is still a baby, so don’t be alarmed if you happen to notice a layout or theme change or two in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for checking it out, and here’s to a fantastic rest of the year!

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