EVERY United States Citizen Can Agree On This.

Realizing that everyone and anyone can see the posts on this blog for all of eternity, I’m generally pretty careful about posting irrelevant or caustic opinions (generally–ha!).

I just came across this video of Rand Paul confirming what no one would be surprised to know: Congress still doesn’t read the bills it votes on.

If this doesn’t piss you off, you are too preoccupied to care, or just don’t have the motivation to do anything about it.

How can we break the “fever” in this country? Year after year, we vote the same people into office who, in the real world, would have long ago been fired for their actions. How can we get people to stop seeing RedState/BlueState and work together to find candidates who will actually DO HIS JOB in Congress?

  1. The workings of the government these days are ridiculous. The founding fathers designed a tripartite system so that our leaders would work slowly and deliberately in order to come to the best, most just decisions possible. At the very least, these senators and congressmen need to have someone on their staff (preferably them) read what they are voting for or against.

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