How Many False Facts Do You Know?

Every so often, you come across stuff that just blows your mind.  

These guys have come up with 10 Myths That You Thought Were Real, but it’s Number One that really intrigues me:  Humans Have Only 5 Senses.  


Credit: Elftown

Honest to God, I never gave it a second thought.  There’s even a section on how your tongue only has 4 distinct sections (also more or less untrue), but the 5 senses thing just trips me out.  I’ve always understood the power of the “Sixth Sense” or ” gut feeling,” but it really never occurred to me that you actually sense tons of other stimuli.

As it mentions, take pain, for instance.  How many diseases or conditions are there where your pain receptors can become inflamed or permanently exacerbated?  The spatial cognition of my hand or fingers are in 3-dimensional space is one of the things that has made me a successful aircraft mechanic:  I have completed many, many tasks completely blind because I could not see visually in to where my hand had to do the work, but I could close my eyes and envision what I was doing.     

Humans can sense pain; the spacial position of their limbs; when someone is lying; when someone distrusts them; when someone finds them attractive; when something smells like one thing, yet is a lesser-powerful scent of something else; when echoes turn noises into things they weren’t; our bodies can sense the distance of the next step down the stairs, and when to cushion us; our bodies get tripped up by assuming when the next step is, and freaking out when it isn’t there by locking our knees prematurely, or feeling like we’re falling…the truth is, our bodies sense the world around in probably a hundred ways I never really gave any thought to.  Great job to Howstuffworks on that one…makes me wonder what else I “know” is false?  Hell…I used to think that bullet-proof vests would stop a mortar shell.  

Apparently, that isn’t true.  Damn the truth!

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