I have a friend named Moosh who really takes it to the next level with regard to sales, personal interaction, and how to treat people right. Whether you like Nickelback or not, this music video is a great way to examine a few parts of history, and (I think) gets the point across better than any Christian Children’s Fund infomercial. And if you hate Nickelback THAT much, just watch the video on mute!

All credit to Moosh for putting this together–great content that I think you all will get something out of.

Sell, Lead, Succeed!

There does not seem to be any grey area with respect to Nickelback. Either you love them, or you well… don’t love them. They grew up within 3 hours of where I live in Edmonton and are very popular around here. Their live shows are incredible. I am a simple guy from the Prairies in Canada –  If the music rocks and a few fireworks are set off, that is a good night out for me.

Sometimes it appears like Chad Kroeger is just trying to pump out hit singles. But if you can, why the heck wouldn’t you?

If you got all the haters under oath, I suspect that they would trade places with him at a moment’s notice, if they could live their dreams and be on stage for even one night!

They are Canadian, we love them, and this song has a great social message. Many people…

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  1. Hey Jeff! Thanks so much for taking the time to reblog my post! That means a lot. Enjoy the rest of the week and stay in touch… Tim

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