Fame, Fortune, and Power: Who Lives Near You?


Mila Kunis

We’ve all had a story about meeting somebody famous or powerful…well, around here, it seems to be a little more commonplace, and it got me interested.

I was doing some sniffing around, and I’ve found some interesting things having to do with the Northern Virginia (or NoVA) area.  First of all, we’ve got some pretty famous people from here.  Dave Grohl–legendary drummer of Nirvana, and leader of the Foo Fighters–is from the North Springfield area, down by where 495 curves to the east to head toward DC.

We can also lay claim to Mila Kunis–one of the stars of “That 70’s Show,” and an all-around fox.  She moved here with her family from Russia when she was 7, but hey, we’ll take it.  She still speaks fluent Russian, also…see her skills on full display during this promo for a movie she and Justin Timberlake were promoting in Moscow.    She went to Fairfax High School, graduating only a year after me, in 2001.  I feel so underaccomplished!

Our area has also been home to Sean Parker (creator of Napster, and founding member of Facebook).  He went to Chantilly High for the last two years of high school, and was actually born right here in Herndon, where I’m living right now.  Once again, I guess my parents were right:  “You’re not living up to your full potential!”

Sandra Bullock and Warren Beatty (and also Shirley McClaine, who was his sister) are all from Arlington, and John Walsh (host of “America’s Most Wanted”) lives in Alexandria.

Lorena Bobbitt works as a hair stylist in Fairfax, and is said to live in the Manassas area.  I am sure she is a wonderful woman and a skilled stylist, but…she couldn’t find a job that doesn’t require blades?

Of course, there are also tons of famous sports players and government folks alike who live in the area, scattered all over.  It’s fascinating to live in an area where one might routinely bump into Newt Gingrich while getting coffee at Starbucks.  I’ll bet the residents of NYC and LA are used to it, but I’ve never lived in a place where so much education and  business actually happens.  The entire DC metro area is one of the most powerful places on the planet, and it’s fascinating that some real talent in the entertainment industry was born and bred here as well.  As a Realtor, it throws in that extra bit of excitement that I’m in this field, because you just never know who your next client will be!

What famous people are from your town?  Does anyone famous live near you?

  1. Too funny. I always wondered what ever happened to Lorena Bobbit!!!

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