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Hey all!  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  This post is steered toward anyone in the Northern Virginia area who is looking for financing.  I realize this excludes several of you who get my posts in your email box, so if you aren’t interested, feel free to click “delete.”  I won’t be hurt by it, I promise.  I’ll talk with all of yous again soon! (And no, I haven’t taken to making this blog about shilling for everyone.  It’s just that my business goes because of certain folks, and I want to promote how much help they’ve been to me!)

Sean Johnson, First Home Mortgage

If you’re still here, you may be interested in the person I have staked my business on.  As you know, personal references are gold, since someone has effectively done the legwork for you already.  (You may remember a little post I wrote at the beginning of this year about why you should clean up your Facebook pages, and polish you LinkedIn profile to nice, clean shine…well, the same concept applies!)  It is on your behalf that I have done that legwork.  (Thanks!)Hey, no problem!

Before I began suggesting to my clients that Sean Johnson is the guy to go to, I wanted to see what he was all about, just like any other person would.  He sent me this link as a sample of the way that he communicates with clients and agents alike regarding financing possibilities, and it is very simply the best way to bridge the initial discomfort (from my clients’ standpoint) of meeting someone new.  (Megan and Dave’s names are changed.)  They can hear him speak, listen to what he has to say, and decide accordingly if he is the type of person who is their speed.

I know Sean personally, and he is someone who is easy to get along with professionally as well as personally.  I think he is a quick witted, easy-to-talk-to guy who will find the best possible financing scenario for you. He’ll even show you how sometimes it makes more sense to put 5% down as your initial investment than a full 10-20%.  He wants to keep your money in your pocket, where it belongs.  I get emails at least four weekends per month (yep, that’s right) from him letting me know that he’s available during the weekend, in the event that my clients want to make an offer and weigh the numbers.

And he isn’t lying.  I try to avoid overrunning his weekend with business functions, so I choose emails for not-so-time-critical messages; he calls me back regarding them anyway.  8:45 on Sunday night a couple of weeks ago, he called just to touch base about a part of the deal we were doing.

This guy is hungry, and he’s good.  Trust me, those unknown details are the most critical part of a new relationship’s apprehension, and that’s the legwork I’ve already done.

Have a great week!

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