You Share In My Triumphs, And…

Wow, it’s been a while!

My losing track of timing with this blog was an honest mistake, I promise.

I’ve been unwittingly redirected, and I’m a little down about it.  You’ll probably remember what a big stink I made about returning to school at 30 years old, and how excited I was to tackle that enormous, daunting task.  I planned and thought and planned long and hard about how I was going to achieve all of these different goals that I have, wondering where I was going to find the time to be successful at all of them.

It seems that the system has made part of that decision for me.

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I won’t be able to qualify for the loans to pay tuition at American University.  It seems the $60,000 I applied for ($56K for tuition, plus $4K for books, parking pass costs, etc) was just too much for the lender to bear, given my and my wife’s prior student debt load.  It’s just as well, I suppose…I’d rather find out about it now, than to get halfway through the program and be stopped in my tracks, already $120K in the hole and unable to continue.

Even still, it’s a bit of a letdown for me.  Most in my small sphere (comfortingly) suggest that I could do it for far cheaper elsewhere–and they’re right–but I wanted to finally accomplish something I have tried at several times, but haven’t:  Earn a stinkin’ degree.  A Kansas State, I just wasn’t mature enough for it; at COD, I got screwed out of it (the A&P program I was in never got accredited by the state of IL, lost its funding, went to another school…ugh).  I wanted that piece of paper on my resume, an actual college degree hanging over my desk in whatever office I work in, all gleaming with a prestigious school’s name across the top, emblazoned with “With Honors” underneath.  In reality, I still do.  In the business world, pedigree means something, and for me, AU was the best place I could find to start.  The alumni association alone is a networker’s heaven.

It seems silly, I suppose, to go after a college degree out of wanting to accomplish something, more than for strategic or marketability purposes…but I guess it doesn’t really matter whether it’s the chicken or the egg that came first, in the end.  A degree is kind of a win-win in that case.

For right now, I work nights, and my days are free.

Just yesterday, I passed the exam to become a licensed Realtor in the state of Virginia.  I’m really excited about the prospects of this, but I can’t help but wonder if I’ve somehow made a grave mistake which I’ll pay for dearly later on.  I’m not usually such a paranoid fatalist, but this one has been nagging at me.

How have you handled choices like these in your life?  What have you done to overcome them?


    • gale paige
    • August 23rd, 2012

    You can go to school just like someone eats an elephant… bite at a time. You want that stinking degree then get it. I didn’t get my BS in management until I was 35. Start by taking one class, sell a house to pay for the next one…and keep doing this until you finish. YOU can do it. It might take a little longer than you thought but 4 or 5 classes a year adds up and you’ll be done before you know it.

  1. February 8th, 2013
  2. June 29th, 2013

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