Who Will You Vote For? Do You Do Any Thinking On Your Own?

I’m sure that liberals will vote for Obama, and conservatives will vote for Romney (largely because they have no other choice).  But why?

I met a guy once who claimed to be “pretty conservative,” yet he could not disguise (to me) that he voted for Obama.  I could tell because of the way he tried to hide it when he talked about how obnoxious Sarah Palin was, or how it was “possible” that Obama’s healthcare bill would be a good thing…but he was fooling no one.

The fact that he is black is irrelevant; he was like many millions of other people, voting with their gut.  This is the part that makes me livid with the establishment anymore:  These politicians pander openly to whoever their demographic is, and it actually works.  This nation has become a nation of talking points, a nation of mindless voters.  Either you are a conservative who agrees with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, or you are a liberal who wants to tax the rich even more heavily.

President Obama’s recent admission that he supports gay marriage is nothing more than a pandering to voters.   Who cares what he thinks?  He’s just another man, and literally has no control over how the laws are written to echo his own opinions.  If the laws are to change, they require the states to vote.  Further, I thought it was absolutely awesome that he flew all the way to Afghanistan to deliver a campaign speech to us here, back home.  I wonder how much that cost us.

Of course Romney’s old company cut some jobs…some companies were bloated and needed to lose some weight.  What these new ads rarely mention is actually how many jobs Bain Capital created.

I am a skeptic of both sides.  Obama is clearly the worse candidate for this country…if his lawsuit on the state of Arizona is any indication, there’s only more fun to follow.  But the fact is that Romney has already implemented socialized healthcare in his state of MA, so I’m not completely confident he won’t champion the already-passed Obama blasphemy along the way for the entire rest of the country.

Obama is only springing the gay marriage thing because he already knows he can’t run on his record (sure, it includes the killing of UBL and the passing of a healthcare bill that nobody wanted, but the truth is, all of the numbers are down for him).  I suspect that Obama and Romney are actually the same candidate–that is, whoever wants them to win (or lose)–and our “two-party-system” is actually worthless, but we just don’t know it overtly yet.

I know that you might feel that I’m wrong here, but if you feel strongly enough, prove it.  Neither of them are good for the direction of this country, and the evidence is more than an opinion.  Neither candidate solidifies its base, and neither candidate proposes to make things better (Romney’s Day 1 campaign isn’t helping matters at all, IMHO.  Tax cuts?  Really?).

Beyond talking points, prove me wrong.

    • thegaymormonrepublican
    • May 27th, 2012

    You can’t prove someone wrong who is right on the spot! Take me for example, I claim to be a republican but to me that just means I want smaller government. But which side is really for smaller government? Bush certainly wasn’t, and neither is Obama, supposedly Republican and Democrat, respectively. The two party system is destroying our country and dividing us apart. Most Americans are moderate, meaning they are conservative on some issues and more liberal on others. Once people come to that realization, maybe, and just maybe, we can unite together and actually accomplish something.

    • It’s true, and unfortunate that Congress is more worried about getting re-elected than doing what is right for its people. I think all hope for purity within this government went out the window back in the day, when they figured out they could vote themselves raises.

      It’s also true that neither side is really for small government–Republicans say they are, and then try to legislate bans on gay marriage. It’s silly how few people actually recognize the reality of the things that are happening to us!

      Thanks for commenting man!

    • thegaymormonrepublican
    • May 27th, 2012

    Amen to that brother! People get stuck in a rut and don’t realize what is good and what is bad, right before their eyes. Thanks for posting. I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

    • Canadian Performer’s Money
    • May 29th, 2012

    Wow! AndI thought Canadian politics were messed up…

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