Second Greatest Game-Changer In All Of Humanity

What’s the good word?  (Well-read, for those of you who get it…)

Anyway, that’s a pretty hefty claim, eh?  “Second Greatest Game-Changer In All Of Humanity”?  Well…besides the wheel, I challenge you to find a larger one.

I would cite the gift of introspection as the second-greatest greatest game-changer in all of humanity.  Behold…the mirror.

No other object has forced people to see themselves as others do, as it has.  Think about it.  If it weren’t for the mirror, you couldn’t know the color of your eyes.  Without the mirror, you couldn’t even see your own face.  And seriously, you’d be the only one who has no idea how hairy your back really is.

No other object allows you to bridge the gap between how others think you are, and how you think you are.

Think of a world without mirrors:  There would be far more traffic crashes.  There would be no lasers.  To us, the moon would still be made of cheese (of course it wasn’t, just play along).  Many of the production processes companies enjoy would be gone.  Cameras would be nowhere near as advanced as they are.  Small, cramped spaces would not seem any larger than they are, because there would be no mirrors on the wall.  Neither Galileo nor Hubble could have seen as far as they were able to into space.

I suppose the case could be made for the manipulation of fire in the Number Two slot…but personally I think fire is out, since you could create fire with a mirror.

In any case, take a second to make use of the Second Greatest Game-Changer In All Of Humanity, and make sure you’re polished and put-together before you walk out the door this morning.

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