Inspection Authorization, Part II: Success!

This post is more of a follow-up to the post I wrote on November 5, 2010, than anything.  This past Thursday, I did in fact pass the test to earn my IA.  (For those who are in the dark, the IA is the single highest rating the FAA has to give in the aircraft maintenance arena.  It also comes with the most responsibility–an intimate knowledge of all of the regulations pertaining to aircraft maintenance–but it essentially gives me the power to perform inspections that a solid 85-90% of other mechanics cannot.  This rating puts me in high demand in the aircraft maintenance world.)

I am particularly proud of this because I used nothing but the test prep book to self-study the entire amount of material.  Many people, as I understand it, take a class which teaches specifically to the test (which would have been nice), but I spent the last seven or eight months just teaching myself as I went along (more out of time and money necessity than anything).  I passed with an 86%, with the minimum to pass being 70%.

It goes to show:  If you put the time into learning what you need to learn to succeed, you can do anything you danged-well want to!

I’ll admit it:  I missed the New Year’s deadline by four or five months, but hey, everything in due time.  Also, lesson #2:  Self-impose deadlines for your ambiguous goals, or you will never have the impetus to get off your duff and hold yourself to it!

What goals have you achieved lately?

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