Is Tony Robbins Overrated?

I grew up with conservative parents who never let us want for anything, but we weren’t spoiled, either.  One of the tenets of my parents’ methods dictates that it’s foolish to drop money on things you do not need, or things that are not practical, or things that involve risk.  After all, money is tight enough without wasting it on useless things.  But I’ll never forget the day that I drove down the street, and for the first time, realized that literally every grocery store, every bank, every park–everything–was owned by someone, and they were probably still making money on it.  It is this investment mentality (and my being drawn to it like a moth to light) that separates me from my family’s ways.

Tony Robbins

I realized who Tony Robbins was while I was in college, and I was absolutely captivated by his delivery and his vision.  But of course, I knew he wants to make money, too.

I found out Tony has books upon books out on the subject of self-help, and a 4-day seminar called Unleashing the Power Within.  Books are cheap enough, but to spend the cash on this seminar (which ranges in price from $600 to $2,600 for tickets)…would it be simply a fool’s errand to expect any real change after going to this thing?  The answer will come soon enough–to this day, I want desperately to attend one of these seminars, but not simply because I “drink the KoolAid,” as many around me would think.  See, I’ve done my homework.  Tony has enough things on YouTube (as well as countless interviews and a TV show, and several podcasts on iTunes)–and every one of those mediums is absolutely free.  If his advice is this good for free, how does he deliver on his promises during his seminars?

This is the beauty of life today–now that the world is flat (if you haven’t read “The World Is Flat” by Tom Friedman, by the way, you absolutely need to), the secrets to success are so much more easily accessible.  There’s a quote I remember well from The World Is Flat, and it reads, “If it isn’t getting done, it’s because you aren’t doing it.”  So, get out there and do it!  Find the resources you need to become the “linchpin” at work (you should also be reading Seth Godin’s books, as well as his daily blog), or to break out of a crappy career, or to think like a billionaire.  They are all there, and easily accessible.

If Tony is overrated, I’d never know it.  Know why?  Because to this day (seven years and counting), I haven’t given him a dime, and he makes me feel great about myself every day before work (I listen to his podcasts).  That’s enough for me to want to invest in his business as much as is prudent, once I become successful myself.  I’d be a fool to think that the product of my first Big Break had nothing to do with the cumulative mental conditioning that a positive outlook can bring.  Tony is my friend, and doesn’t even know it.

Of course, I have yet to put my money where my mouth is.  Have any of you attended one of Tony’s seminars?  Do you have any opinions on his advice, his “rhetoric,” if you will?

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