Not With THAT Attitude…

One of my best friends (Bryan) literally embodies this saying.  It’s easy to get swamped in the details and lose track of my goals, but he’s always been great at throwing that phrase at me just when I need to hear it.  Sometimes I get so frustrated that my own road to growth and self-actualization feels like it has stalled out, and he even walks me right into it sometimes–just, face-first into it.  By now I should see them coming, but he’s pretty crafty…

Me:  Man, I just don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.  We’re still recovering from the move, and there isn’t extra cash lying around for me to go back to flying yet.  This sucks.

Bryan:  So, you’re saying you feel like you’ll never get into a corporate pilot job?

Me:  Sometimes, yeah.

Bryan:  Well, not with that attitude you won’t…what do you have to do next to get flying again?

And we continue from there, where he asks me questions that focus my next steps, and usually it lifts my spirits because I’m back thinking of progress, instead of how far off the goal is.

The fact is, anything that you need to get done can be broken up into smaller things that you need to get done.  Get in the middle of getting those things done.  Get lost in the details the same way you always do.  Accomplish every little bit of your project that you can, and all of a sudden you’ll take a look at the big picture after a while and think, “WOW I’ve made some progress here…”

The cool part here is that if you have the right people in your network (and keep the right company close to you), you can weed through the nay-sayers and has-beens, and be constantly cheered on and buoyed toward your goals.  You’ll really stand out among your peers.  You might already and not even know it.

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