On Walking The Talk…

I am not afraid to dream big and you shouldn’t be, either.  Growing up, the biggest dreams I could imagine were lovingly nurtured by my parents, who always made it clear that achieving any goal I could think of amounted to nothing more than breaking the road to fruition down into manageable, bite-sized pieces.  “The biggest step is always the first one”–common sense now, as I’m old enough to qualify myself as an adult (albeit a still-nascent one)–but that quotation is really only half of a sentence.  The other half is, “but sometimes that first step will take more preparation than courage to take.”

Does anybody out there do a lot of talking about their big, hairy audacious goal, but have yet to achieve it?  Do people define you by the language you use around them, the plans you have yet to accomplish?

I feel I’m falling victim of this…most people in my sphere know that I have two goals and one dream.  My immediate goals are to get back flying again to change careers (or more accurately–move into the next phase of my career) in the next five years, and to be worth $10 million by age 45.  (My dream is to run my own business…but as of yet, I have not found an idea in my area of expertise that would fill an unnoticed niche terribly well.  It’s a work in progress right now.)

Well, I’ve been flying as money has permitted–so I’m secure with that.  Progress.

But the $10 million…as of right now, I still have 17 years to accomplish that goal, and I have a plan to do it, too.  I plan on using a combination of the stock market (managed by my wife, who has a head–and the attention span for numbers–to do it) and real estate.  I plan on making use of Bobert Kiyosaki’s very simple Cashflow 101 lesson:  Make my investment (passive) income larger than my bills.  I also know that I won’t stop at $10 million–but for now, it’s a great starting point.

Thing is, right now, it’s just talk.  A lot of reading, a lot of trying to find a mentor in the field, trying to educate myself enough so that my first investment isn’t a complete stinker, and trying to position myself to get in the game.  Learning what it means to manage risk instead of try to avert it.  But it takes time, connections, and money–and the people I see daily at work generally haven’t got much of any of those three.  Lack of progress.

So around my family and close friends, I wonder if they’ve heard the same message for so long now that they’re thinking, “Yeah, Okay…”

If they are thinking that, I say let ’em…they’ll change their tune once I take that first step and give some legs to my words.  I don’t care what strangers think, but I can’t help wondering if I come off to the people whose opinions matter to me as just another talker.

Does anyone else deal with this?  Do you have doubters, or straight-out naysayers in your sphere?  How do you manage that?  Or have you become bulletproof?

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