In My Off-Time…

Once upon a time, there was this old Cessna 140A that I had fallen in love with.  She needed some work, but that was no problem for me–I’m a mechanic, after all!–and there were more than a few things she needed work on.  So far, this particular repair is the one I’m most proud of; the left wingtip was damaged when the left landing gear collapsed on her before we got her, and needed to be repaired.  Looks simple enough, but they sent us a new plate that was the proper size, sans pilot holes for the rivets.  This would be interesting.  After much deliberation, measuring seven times and drilling once, and using our eyes for alignment of the leading edge, this is what turned out:

As I said, I’m proud of my work there.  To the average person, it’s barely anything, and to the average structures/sheetmetal guy, it’s barely anything too–just for different reasons.  But I’m neither of those, and it’s something to me.  After all, that’s all that matters, right?

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