Aircraft Brokerage, Anyone?

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for someone who is involved in aircraft brokerage, as it’s on my list of the next couple of areas in the aviation industry that I want to get to know.  I don’t know anyone in the field yet, and there are no brokerage firms around the area, so it has been a difficult journey toward trying to gain the knowledge I’ll need to get into it and expand my skillset and contact-base.

I think it would be a great time, getting into brokering…I’m thinking that my personality would make me well-suited for sales.  I’m pretty outgoing and optimistic–people I don’t even know at work have called me “Sunshine,” which is funny because my Dad actually gave me that nickname as a kid.  I always had a smile on my face, he says.  And on top of that facet of the job, I think I’m a relative expert in the field of airplanes, having worked on most of them, and learned (and will continue to learn) to fly as many as I can.  Obviously, at the age of nearly 28, I don’t know everything about everything.  I would, however, be able to make fair and intelligent comparisons and decisions with selections on behalf of customers’ needs.

In thinking about what it takes to be a good broker, it strikes me as sort of funny that every day I go to work, and over time, I’m doing the same work, and surrounded by the same people, and there’s an air of common knowledge in my everyday life.  And I think, great, I’m an aircraft mechanic–so what?  I can fly, too–so what?  No one cares, in the long run, and the big money and prestige of the business isn’t there for most of us any longer.  So who cares?  But it’s so easy to forget just how specialized our knowledge in aviation is.  It’s a really special thing, the things we know and do and demonstrate every day.


Anyway, if anyone “has a guy” or has some tips on how to get into it without dropping a ton of cash on seminars, let me know.  I’ll be really indebted.

Hope your day is well!

    • Robin Laws
    • January 16th, 2010

    HAHA! I have thought about that on and off since we lived in Kansas City. Somehow, I got on an email list of people who are looking for planes….don’t really know how-but I know a gal in Kansas City who sells planes–but she might be a contact, if you want it-shoot me an email–I could look her name up. FYI : )

  1. February 18th, 2012

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