Our LinkedIn group met once again, and I came in prepared with a vengeance! I definitely learned my lesson from last time– I felt great, looked like the man I wanted to put forth as a first impression, was prepared to jot notes and tips and give out business cards, and it was a great meeting overall.  I’m the “newbie” at the table, since I’m not running a business of my own yet, but there’s a woman I met named Sherri who has been wonderfully helpful in pointing me in the right direction.  Last night (with Alli’s help, of course) I chose a logo and picked a name for my corporation.  It sounds hollow saying the name of my brand, partly because it’s like a new style of clothes the first time you try them on (does this fit well?  Is it something I feel comfortable in? What will people think?), and partly because I know that I’m the only employee, and calling myself the “Owner” or “CEO” of Jeffro Enterprises seems deceitful, since I’m not running a business (yet) outside of the title.  Even the name feels foreign for some reason or another.  I wonder if Donald Trump felt this way when he created The Trump Organization and was the only employee in it back in the ’70s.  I suppose it’ll grow on me with repetition, the longer I have the name, and the more I use it.

The more I am able to hang around these business-owner types, the more I’m becoming able to develop an eye for niches that need filling in the market.  It’s so fascinating!  It’s like the first time you were able to make your eyes see those Magic Eye puzzles–once you know the trick, you can see the pictures just jump right out at you off a flat surface!

In any case, I am growing more and more excited about my path, as I meet more and more people.  I am hoping that it won’t be long now before I can cultivate an idea far enough into action to make it a reality.  I really feel like I’m just getting started.

    • Robin Laws
    • December 25th, 2009

    And you know what….like many business entrepreneurs, I’m sure they felt just like you–and they seemed to do just fine. : )

    • I think you’re right, Robin. Seems like the way to do it is just to quit worrying about my comfort zone and just GO.

      I wanted to thank you, by the way, for your comments from last month about being just the best darned secretary you could be–I never thought it would be, but it inspired me while I was at work to just suck it up and do the work as well as I could. Not that I don’t already, but sometimes those twelve-hour shifts drag on and on and on, and I get grouchy. Because of your outlook on things, I was able to check myself at the door a couple of times, and it literally changed the mood and course of my day. I really, really appreciate what you said. And now, when I’m feeling annoyed with work, I just tell myself to get through it for right now, and when I get home, I work even harder on planning for the next stage of my career. Who knew someone’s words could be so inspirational? Thanks again, and I’ll hopefully see you guys in a few months–planning on getting in for the PDT retreat, and seeing some peeps while I’m there. You and Marshall, Delton and Hinnen are at the top of my list!

  1. There is no question in my mind you will be successful. Your positive energy is clearly evident in what you write. You are one of those individuals that thinks outside the box and sees solutions to problems that invisible to most people. Those two attributes are a recipe for success, regardless of what you decide to do. I don’t think you could fail. Go get it!

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