No Room For Pretend.

Well, this particular Friday morning (which is in fact Monday for me), was like any other:  Up at four-fifteen, out the door by by five-thirty, arrived at work fifteen minutes early, changed and at my toolbox by six.  Well, see, our shift–5th shift–works the same schedule as the regular day-shifters (1st shift) on Friday, so when work gets slim, we usually end up getting the shaft because my lead has to take second fiddle to the 1st shift leads, work-wise, and if they take all of the work, we’re left with none.  So today I left early, after only a couple of hours’ time.  One of the other guys asked me, “Why don’t you stick around and get paid?  It’s basically free money…”  This would be true, except for the fact that I don’t have room for pretend, and in my line of work, I’d have to pretend to be busy for literally nine or ten hours–until after the suits go home.  It isn’t the kind of work environment that understands how things get when it’s slow in the hangar–they expect productivity all day, every day.  I really do not have the patience to “mill around smartly” for all that time, so if I can’t find things to keep me busy, I won’t be “hanging out” at work.

A nice, unexpected day spent with the missus, at least.  And luckily I have the time off built up, so I was able to take it paid.  Works for me 🙂

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